Premier Global Consulting - Independent Financial Advisory

Premier Global Consulting is a South-east Asia-focused Independent Financial Advisory. For us, successful financial advisory services begin with a careful review of your current asset distribution as well as your goals for the immediate, near term and long term future.

Managing Wealth for Security, Sustainability, and Profit

We view where you are and where you want to go through the twin lenses of broad experience in financial advisory for wealth building and a meticulously prepared plan designed to propel you to your objectives safely, quickly and efficiently. Premier Global Consulting shields you from costly mistakes with complete candor and objective advice.

This approach to wealth advisory distinguishes us among our growing roster of clients as Premier Global Consulting’s reputation for independent advice and exemplary customer service expands. We are particularly proud of our dedication to personalized service and the bond of mutual trust we have built with our clients.

Greater Investment Power Through GlobalNet

We are a member of GlobalNet, the leading international network of independent financial advisories. Established in 1992, GlobalNet has more than one hundred and twenty member firms in fifty-one countries with over six billion dollars in assets under management and advice. Premier Global’s membership provides greater investment power to offer its clients the best financial products and services solutions.

Brian Dudley, Founder & Managing Director

As a resident of the Philippines, originally from the United Kingdom, I founded Premier Global Consulting with the mission to deliver honest, insightful and pragmatic advice to our expatriate clients based in South East Asia.

My goal is to help our clients address wealth management through practical, rational planning and disciplined execution. We provide the best market intelligence and strategic insight — all designed to help foreign residents of South East Asia make the smartest possible financial decisions; execute on those decisions, and reach their goals.

My career spans three countries and over a decade of experience. I specialize in wealth management with the following concentrations:

  • Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses
  • Asset Growth Strategies
  • Savings & Investment
  • Tax Strategies
  • Succession & Estate Planning
  • Onshore & Offshore Trusts
  • Offshore Incorporation
  • Employee benefits

Kevin Barton, Associate Director

Originally from the UK and based in Manila, the Philippines, I joined Premier Global Consulting because its unwavering commitment to client success is second to none.

In my role as advisor, I take pride in providing ongoing service to our expatriate clients based in South East Asia. In this spirit, I develop a close relationship built on trust and mutual respect with each of my clients to make them financially independent through tailored solutions that meet their specific financial objectives and circumstances.

I focus on the following areas:

  • Financial planning for individuals
  • UK pension transfers (QROPS and SIPPS)
  • Superannuations (Australian)
  • IRA's & 401K's (American)
  • Tax and succession planning
  • Capital protection and appreciation
  • Financial discipline
  • Medical insurance
  • Banking services
  • Life & critical illness coverage
  • Forex