Premier Global Consulting Extends Secure Online Fund Management Platform to Clients

July 11, 2016

Premier Global Consulting, Makati City, Philippines - Premier Global Consulting, a wealth advisory firm supporting expatriates stationed in throughout South-east Asia, announced its deployment of a proprietary online platform for portfolio management. Using the Internet-based solution, Premier Global Consulting offers its clients anytime, anywhere access to over 7,500 funds and structured financial products with the following features:

  • Automated fund monitoring and auto-sell functions
  • Online trading on mutual funds and structured products
  • 24/7 secure access: anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly analytical tools
  • Online comparison and filter tools

Premier’s online platform provides access to funds from over 200 houses including American Express, AXA, Credit Suisse, Dexia, DWS-Deutsche, Fidelity, Fortis, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, ING Barings, Invesco, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, and UBS.

Likewise, the platform allows Premier clients to manage their Equity and Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) holdings. Equities and ETFs are traded on thirty-one markets including; twenty-three European Markets, Canadian, Hong Kong, Japanese, Philippine, Singaporean, Israeli, South African, Australian and New Zealand markets.

According to Brian Dudley, Premier Global Consulting’s Managing Director “This kind of service is exactly the sort of state-of-the-art, real-time access we believe our clients need from their wealth consultancy here in the ASEAN. It shows that a boutique advisory can offer high and high-touch services.”

About Premier Global Consulting
Premier Global Consulting is a British Virgin Islands-registered firm with offices in South-east Asia and dedicated to serving the needs of expatriates in Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Premier Global Consulting takes great pride in offering client-focused wealth advisory services to helping people plan for their future and flourish thereby.


Premier Global Consulting Announces Alliance with Mckeown Marrs Securities

May 03, 2016

Premier Global Consulting, Makati City, Philippines - Premier Global Consulting, a Makati, Manila-based wealth advisory firm announced an alliance with Mckeown Marrs to bring its full-discretionary service for all levels of investors to the Philippines market.

The service is called the Mckeown Marrs Securities Portfolio Manager Program. It is a fee-based investment advisory program that allows Premier Global’s clients to work closely with one of Mckeown Marrs’ experienced portfolio managers.

The Financial Advisors in the Portfolio Manager Program construct customized portfolios for clients and have discretion over day-to-day investment decisions, which may provide them the opportunity to take advantage of timely investment opportunities. This truly is a unique service and style of managing money which is currently not available in the Philippines.

According to David Mckeown, Mckeown Marrs’ Director of Private Client Services, “We are pleased to be working closely with Brian Dudley and his team at Premier Global to bring this service to a wider market in the Philippines.”

“The full transparency afforded by the online dashboard, which helps clients organize their financial life through a consolidated view of their portfolio is just the kind pf powerful, forward-looking feature we are delighted to offer our clients at Premier Global Consulting,” said Brian Dudley, Premier Global Consulting’s Managing Director.

About Premier Global Consulting
Premier Global Consulting is a Makati City, Philippines-based client-focused wealth advisory firm dedicated to helping expatriates plan for their future and flourish thereby.

About Mckeown Marrs Securities
Mckeown Marrs is an Australian owned investment, advisory and trading house that combines the knowledge and skills of its people to create value for its corporate and investment clients.
With its principal assets of people, capital, and reputation Mckeown Marrs; is committed to maintaining a culture of innovation, integrity,​ and strong business principles. The firm holds Australian financial services license AFSL. 287 627.


What is a Legal Trust?

March 01, 2016

A trust in the legal world speaks of an entity that is executed to hold assets and/or keep possessions for the benefit of a certain person or organization, with a trustee taking care of the trust. Many trusts are generally founded by individuals called trustors, settlors and/or donors who implement a written declaration of trust which establishes and lays out the terms and conditions on the trust that will be managed. The document likewise names the original trustee or trustees, successor trustees or ways to choose future potential trustees. Through the lifetime of the trust, profits along with, at times, a portion of the principal (called "corpus") might be distributed for the beneficiaries, and at some point in the future (like the death of the last trustor or settlor), the assets left will be given to beneficiaries.

A trust is a possible replacement of a will and prevent probate (an estate management with court supervision) by detailing the distribution of possessions/assets which were originally owned by the trustors, upon their death. Individuals in certain cases can control the distribution of their assets throughout their lives or even after their deaths. There are various types of trusts for various types of reasons.

Any trust could possibly be devised for the financial benefit of the individual executing the trust, or a surviving spouse or minor children, or also for charity. These are, but are not limited to, "revocable trusts," made to handle the trustors' assets (having the trustor as the initial trustee), this is often called a "living trust" or "inter vivos trust" which only gets irrevocable upon the death of the first trustor; "irrevocable trust,” a trust that cannot be altered at any given time; "charitable remainder unitrust,” provides for eventual distribution of the corpus (assets) to charity or to a charitable organization/s, as a result gains a substantial tax benefit. Also, there are court-decreed "constructive” and "resulting" trusts over property placed by a an individual to its owner. While, a "testamentary trust" can be produced by a will to handle assets given to beneficiaries. Although there is a number of trusts that are authorized by law, trust arrangements that try to avert creditors or lawful responsibilities will be ruled null by the courts.

Similarly in the Philippines, according to the Provisions of the Civil Code, in Title V. - Trusts, Chapter 1, Article 1440, states that, “a person who establishes a trust is called the trustor; one in whom confidence is reposed as regards property for the benefit of another person is known as the trustee; and the person for whose benefit the trust has been created is referred to as the beneficiary."

The Code further stated that “trusts are either express or implied." Express trusts are made because of the purpose from the trustor or even from the parties. Implied trusts are operated under the association of the law. In addition, the actual guidelines from the general law associated with trusts, insofar while they are not in conflict with this particular Code, the Code of Commerce, the Rules of Court, special laws and regulations are adopted.

It is interestingly noted, that the last Article of the said Code stated, "An implied trust may be proved by oral evidence."


Premier Global Consulting Joins GlobalNet, International Independent Financial Advisory Network

February 08, 2016

Premier Global Consulting, Makati City, Philippines – Premier Global Consulting, a Makati, Manila-based wealth advisory firm announced its admission to GlobalNet. GlobalNet is the leading international network of independent financial advisories. Established in 1992, GlobalNet has more than one hundred and twenty member firms in fifty-one countries with over six billion dollars of assets under management and advice. Premier Global’s membership provides greater investment power to offer its clients the best financial products and services solutions.

Since 2005, GlobalNet has grown from seventeen pioneer members to over one hundred twenty members in fifty-one countries. Membership boasts of its wide range of practices from small private consultants to larger practices.

Brian Dudley, Managing Director of Premier Global Consulting, said, “GlobalNet offers us a mature portfolio of resources that set us apart from our competition with a considerably greater choice of products and services. We are proud of our acceptance by such a prestigious and selective organization.”

About Premier Global Consulting
Premier Global Consulting is a Makati City, Philippines-based client-focused wealth advisory firm dedicated to helping expatriates plan for their future and flourish thereby.

About GlobalNet
Formed in 1992, GlobalNet was created to offer a new standard of business support and marketing services to Independent Financial Advisors. The firm provides a range of services to IFAs to help them grow their business and provide their clients with improved service and a wider range of products. GlobalNet supports independent practices to improve their efficiency and profitability.