Objective Wealth Management

Premier Global Consulting is an independent financial advisor, and we provide a complete set of services tailored to your specific financial needs and expectations. As objective wealth management consultants, we pride ourselves on well-researched product selections that span every asset class. Our approach extends to alternative investment vehicles such as private equity, real estate, and commodities.

Our ability to optimize your portfolio comes from access to accurate research, unbiased assessments and the confidence that our recommendations will position you for prosperity. In changing market conditions, both short- and long-term financial objectives face ongoing perils. Premier Global Consulting is composed of senior investment and fiduciary professionals who conduct detailed analyses and then work with you to define, realize and then protect your financial goals.

Wealth Assessment

Tomorrow’s security and success are built upon your actions today. Expatriates navigate a complex market and regulatory landscape. Realistically assessing your assets both in the country you live and your home country of citizenship can put you in the best position to make the kind of smart long-term financial decisions that position you well now and in the future.

Holistic Advisory for Investors

Many financial advisors focus exclusively on their portfolio of product and services — often to the detriment of their client’s portfolio. Premier Global Consulting employs a holistic approach to advisory, and we work with industry leading high-integrity external specialists to devise the best possible solutions for your needs. We stand behind our recommendations and warrant that they will meet your requirements and comply with the increasingly complex global regulatory environment.

Wealth Planning

Whether you are living in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, or any other part of Asia, Premier Global Consulting is the most trusted wealth planner. We systematically work through the various lenses of planning to make your assets perform that way you intend including finance, tax, and estate planning.

  • Retirement – We help you understand and maximize your retirement options from planning to disbursement of your pension fund with an eye fixed on the long-term.
  • Succession – You’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth, and we collaborate with you to ensure your property is passed on to future generations guided by your plans. We have unique insights into the Philippine legal code and understand the tax mitigation options for the Philippines and your home country.
  • Philanthropy – Premier Global Consulting can you to realize your family’s values and create a legacy for future generations through charitable giving.
  • Special transactions – Working with our partner financial institutions, Premier can handle your escrow requirements.
  • Relocation – As an expatriate, you may find yourself planning to move from the Philippines back home or to another foreign posting. We can help prepare you with assistance for taxation, marital and inheritance laws, as well as insurance and pensions.


Premier offers an extensive portfolio of funds. We recommend the vehicles best suited to your profile. Depending on your appetite, we can provide low risk and higher risk products, though we emphasize those with an excellent volatility/premium ratio. Our portfolio includes every major product from the most well-known firms as well as a basket of carefully selected funds issued by lesser-known institutions.

Tax Advice

We have deep knowledge of the UK, US, and Australian contributory framework, and through our global consultant's network, we can provide the right solution for income, wealth, transaction and inheritance taxes due to living or working in multiple jurisdictions.

Business in South-east Asia

We also provide legal and business advisory for expats moving to the Philippines and intending to set up a business in the country. Our extensive array of partnerships allows us to provide significant help also in other South East Asian countries.

Portfolio Management Platform

Through our proprietary online platform for portfolio management our clients enjoy anytime, anywhere access to over 7,500 funds and structured financial products with the following features:

  • Automated fund monitoring and auto-sell functions
  • Online trading on mutual funds and structured products
  • 24/7 secure access: anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly analytical tools
  • Online comparison and filter tools